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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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I read your posts DB, I do know what you are trying to say. The thing is regardless of what you are claiming to be the mission statement of Islam, it is intrinsically the same in most religions, i.e. trying to attract more followers into the flock/herd or whatever, to believe in that one true god as all others must be wrong and so nonbelievers will burn perish or not be saved in the afterlife or whatever bad ending is promised by any particular belief. I am merely pointing out that most Muslims or followers of Islam most probably do not aim to bring down Western society, and attributing a few horrendous terrorist acts and a few criminal/sexual predators to the whole religion and its followers can very well be considered xenophobia.

There, there, Kriss Kross, take yer meds and settle down.
You don't seem to know much about the religions of the world, let alone Islam, if you really believe that.

Go and get educated, then we can talk. Until then, I'm just wasting my time.
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