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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

To be honest, you can interchange the word "Muslim" in those surveys with "Christian" and the figures wouldn't be that far off.

A reasonable whack of Christians are against homosexuality and would be happy to see a return to a more draconian justice system. So far the reality is that common sense has prevailed despite the best efforts of the church and the doom-foretellers.

No idea why everyone is clutching at their pearls, hysterical that the Muslims will be more successful than the Christians at punching their own ideals into society. But hey, it sells newspapers and gets everyone in a chin-wagging frenzy, right?
Saying "well a lot of Christians believe the same" without posting any evidence still doesn't explain nor excuse these poll findings.

But there's an even bigger story here which the "well you see that in Christianity" brigade also seem to deliberately forget, Europe is moving away from Christianity and becoming more atheist. More than half of people in the UK now say they are not religious.. Meanwhile, Islamic populations across western Europe is projected to grow.

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There's a step beyond that, which is supporting the people you love who are breaking down barriers, despite what anyone thinks of them and says to them.

You always call me a liar on this, yet two of my closest gay friends are Muslim. One is probably the most thoughtful, considerate and caring man I've ever known, and always the first person to call to wish me 'Merry Christmas', the other is the fiance of my closest gay friend, who happens to be Jewish. Both families completely support this relationship, and I've seen that love and support for them first hand.

You can quote all the number that you like. They're just cold figures on a page when there are real people out there living lives that blow all your stats out of the water. And just to update you a little, the first UK gay Muslim marriage happened in 2017, and a major UK tv soap opera is currently running the storyline of a married Muslim woman on the verge of leaving her husband for her girlfriend. Millions of people are watching that story develop and millions will be having that conversation. Your views are way behind what is currently happening in the UK, and your dialogue on the issue is regressive.
My views are not regressive, I've not even stated them here, all I've done is describe the reality of what's happening. Your gay friends (if they exist) are the exception, not the norm. And Coronation Street is a TV show. Like Doctor Who.
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