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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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I don't deny the problems that religion creates in open secular society. I think open discourse is the only hope we have. However its not soley a liberal conundrum and its not soley a problem with Islam. Look at this thread title for example, on a Forum about Switzerland it is quite offensive. We are not just talking about intelligent and open discourse regarding a religion and its followers, on EF people are sitting in their homes or offices in cosy little Switzerland with no real experience or knowledge of a religion or the people that follow it, and ramming right wing gutter press, anti immmigration rehtoric into this thread. Pulling facts and figures out of dubious studies off of dubious websites. Its called cherry picking facts to suit your objectives. In what way does this truly affect you and your life and why do you have such a deep rooted concern? Are you truly worried about the Islamification of Europe? Do you really think that will happen? Are you just worried about how our civil liberties have been affected in the face of terrorism? Do you really believe that there are hoardes of Muslim sexual predators and 20'000 radicalised fundamentals hiding out amongst the refugees and ready to bring war to our streets? As we have seen time and again in America the people who should be feared are not the Muslims or Mexicans or liberals, but the full blooded Americans bearing arms. In Europe we need to be more fearful of those that want to destroy our democracies through Nationalism and spreading fear and breaking up a union that bought us all together (thats another debate) then a religion followed by a relatively small percentage of the overall population.

To be honest, this whole thread is a bit of an embarrassment to EF.
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