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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Start with those Muslims you know and who live and work around you. Are they acting in a homophobic or threatening manner or are they well integrated, law abiding and accepting of others? My image of Hindus is based on those I work with, not lynch mobs in Uttar Pradesh.
I have engaged in discussion with Uttar Pradesh type Hindus, but it was on Internet forums and they were a long long way away from me, both geographically and in terms of everyday experiences and contextual understanding. Also, they did appear quite reasonable by and large, and argued that a lot of what I believed abouit them was untrue or only one side of the story, and invited me to come there to see for myself. Seeing i have more pressing things to do, I never did test that hypothesis. But maybe there is some truth to it.

I have walked down streets in France where I was given pamphlets to read condemning homosexuality. I spoke to one guy about it and there was no hiding behind supposed misunderstandings or there being another side to the story. He repeated in unsubtle terms what the pamphlet said and felt there was nothing to add. At my first job in Switzerland I had a Muslim co-worker who gave me a similar pamphlet and was also quite unashamed about it. I also know from other co-workers that they never got those pamphlets or got to see that side of him, so maybe for some reason this guy felt he could be more open towards me. I don't know. He also gave me a luxury looking edition of the Koran which i still have. I think on the whole he was a well meaning guy and he was pleasant to work with, and despite that homosexuality thing, which strained our relationship for a while, my memories of him are mostly positive.

I know anecdotes don't make statistics, and the few don't speak for the many. But our opinions are formed by our personal experiences.
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