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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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This brings us to the whole issue of taking offence. Before we take offence at something, be it a picture of Muslims celebrating Eid, or be it a statue of Robert Lee, we need to remember it is only a 3-D Rohrschach blot, and that if we need to tell other people what they should be seeing there, we need to think fast so we don't become the fascos in the discussion.

But likewise those creating the picture and holding the event need to think about how it may be viewed by others. This is not saying they shouldn't do it. But if somebody gets upset, hell, what were they expecting?

I think people have erroneously put a false value on getting offended. Its a currency that is over-produced and will only lead to some kind of hyper inflation of its value.

One has very little control over how another person reacts, perhaps even none. One has ultimate control over how one reacts to anything. <-- This is really the area that individuals need to focus on and we need to develop throughout society: How to get a grip of oneself.

I dunno, maybe to this end, I'm hoping more trolling might help.
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