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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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I think people have erroneously put a false value on getting offended. Its a currency that is over-produced and will only lead to some kind of hyper inflation of its value.

One has very little control over how another person reacts, perhaps even none. One has ultimate control over how one reacts to anything. <-- This is really the area that individuals need to focus on and we need to develop throughout society: How to get a grip of oneself.

I dunno, maybe to this end, I'm hoping more trolling might help.
The political machine has put the interests of the political process above the actual concerns that it is supposed to address. It is valuing its tools higher than their purpose. Like the farmer who forgets his plough is there to break ground, and spends so much time tinkering with his plough that he grows no crops. One way of dealing with this is political trolling. To induce reform through exaggeration. The trollmaster general in the White House is definitely doing his best to make the international trolletariat expose their own inadequacy by the way they are over-responding to him.

But is this the right way to awaken democracy from its slumber? One of the greatest trolls of history, Emperor Caligula, tried to awaken his people to the riduculous state in which politics of his day had descended. He nominated his horse as senator, odered the construction of an impossible bridge, and did many other absurd things beside. But people still didn't get it.

Trolling only works when people are sufficiently smart to see they are being trolled and sufficiently open minded to be prepared to change. That wasn't the case then and it isn't the case today.

Which isn't to say that trolling isn't fun while it lasts.
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