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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Of course many people say that Trump is mentally deranged, and I have no doubt they said that of Caligula in his time. But I like to entertain the notion that there may be another explanation. You know, people who are genuinely crazy but still functional generally try to hide their craziness, not draw attention to it.
I didn't say Trump is mentally deranged because
a) I don't know him personally and
b) even if I did, I don't know him from the position of being his psychiatrist
Period. Noticing peculiarities in his behaviour and trying to explain them through basic psychology is not the same thing. He appears to me as a mean old boy with some difficulties in keeping his self-esteem high outside of the power game. If I look around I can see lots of his type, fortunately they don't have such important jobs.

There are people who entertain themselves with online trolling and cyber-bulling but can pass as perfectly sane individuals in any psychological test or session. Some even as perfectly decent folks. So again, no, I personally didn't accuse Trump neither of being crazy nor of being stupid. My theory is that he gives his electorate or loyal audience exactly what they want to hear and see from him. Using the social media where boundaries are loose to say the least, it's just part of the game. He's a showman, a clown. Would I like this president if I was an American? Certainly not. Call me old school but I still believe that people in higher positions or those who held jobs with responsibility should take diplomacy and appearances a lot more seriously.

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I think people have erroneously put a false value on getting offended. Its a currency that is over-produced and will only lead to some kind of hyper inflation of its value.

One has very little control over how another person reacts, perhaps even none. One has ultimate control over how one reacts to anything. <-- This is really the area that individuals need to focus on and we need to develop throughout society: How to get a grip of oneself.

I dunno, maybe to this end, I'm hoping more trolling might help.
I can agree with you on one point but it has its downsides you know, for the troll especially - if you want to be free to offend and disrespect just everybody you feel like, only because you can, then don't be so surprised if whatever constructive thing you have to say will never be taken seriously or at least listened to. But you'll have what you wanted - little control of other people's reactions and opinions. :-)

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