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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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There are people who entertain themselves with online trolling and cyber-bulling but can pass as perfectly sane individuals in any psychological test or session. Some even as perfectly decent folks. So again, no, I personally didn't accuse Trump neither of being crazy nor of being stupid. My theory is that he gives his electorate or loyal audience exactly what they want to hear and see from him.
This is true. But then so did Obama. So did many other presidents.

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Using the social media where boundaries are loose to say the least, it's just part of the game. He's a showman, a clown.
There is always a fuzzy overlap between leadership, showmanship and clownism. I cannot think of any notable leader who wasn't or isn't also a bit the showman and a bit the clown.

Trump maybe takes this a bit further than others. But that's his personality.

Quite a few actors and showmen made it to the office of POTUS. I don't think any accountants or insurance salesemen ever did. Maybe there is a reason for that. People want a bit of a show. It comes with the job.

Maybe Trump is overdoing it. But in doing so he is also showing how the system works. Like the clown-magician who overdoes his magic tricks so everybody can see through them. It spoils the magic, yeah. But nobody really believed in the magic now, did they? So no harm done. But do the other magicians like it that he's giving away their tricks and demistifying the show? Sure, they don't. Just look how Obama gets angry at Trump.

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Would I like this president if I was an American? Certainly not. Call me old school but I still believe that people in higher positions or those who held jobs with responsibility should take diplomacy and appearances a lot more seriously.
Sure, i agree.

But there is a thin line between diplomacy and appeasement, and a thin line between respect and fawning. Politics has become too much of a dance on eggshells these last few years. Too many groups claiming to be offended by this that and the other and thus effectively setting the agenda. It may take a bull in the china shop to refocus away from special interests and towards he things that matter for everybody.

Not that I think Trump is doing that right now. But let's see this one step at a time.
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