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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Maybe Trump is overdoing it.
He is definitely underdoing it, considering the slow effect it has and the level of selfrighteousness this catharsis brings. It is entertaining.


But in doing so he is also showing how the system works. Like the clown-magician who overdoes his magic tricks so everybody can see through them. It spoils the magic, yeah.
Didactic reasons, indeed.

He wouldn't have to be didactic if political climate allowed different opinions. If there was no need for token symbols but audience valued authentic diversity. If people with opposing views weren't immediately outcast under different blanket diagnosis: trolls, clowns... He does not care what token he is supposed to represent to outraged communities just because they happen to think that a respectful political figure should not tweet bs. He used social media to point out that it is used to sink opposition and users' cognition in general. I'd say it is a pretty didactic move. Opposing views are too easily discarded when labelled as trolling. This MO does not work with potus so easily. He can trump it, and he does - it is hilarious.

Phos, everytime you talk about Trump as Dad it makes me chuckle. For the "offensive" issue - doesn't "I'm offended" simply mean "I disagree with you" these days..The vocab one uses has a potent power, for listeners it is the same Rorschach. If you walk around happily being offended by million things a day - does it inflate or deflate the meaning of "offense"? People will gradually desensitize to all the outrage and offense and will simply hear "I disagree with your opinion".

For the initial topic - it is interesting that people in the V4 do not hesitate to say what they think about the EU migrant quota. It seems to offend the EU.
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