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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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We really are through the looking glass now folks... Farage would back a second referendum

Nigel Farage warming to second EU referendum

I don't believe the hyperbole about this killing off the Remain vote once and for all. He's realised that the Tories won't give him the hard Brexit Utopia he always dreamt of, so better hit the reset button than be left holding the baby of a bodged Brexit.
Farage maybe starting to lean this way because:
  1. Despite what marton, Sandgrounder and Odile say, Leave will very likely win. Again.
  2. A second referendum would split the Tory party, perhaps for good
  3. For those in the UK who don't seem to grasp referendums, it would put the issue to bed once and for all
  4. Another Leave win would be seen as a mandate for a hard Brexit
  5. Farage is probably bored and his ego needs some attention. A second referendum would make him "the man" for a short space of time again

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My thoughts are that he learnt something new at his meeting with Barnier e.g. May has secretly agreed a soft and bouncy Brexit which'll be 'Remain' in all but name.
Therefore if he loses a second referendum then at least we won't be lumbered with that and if they win then they have an overwhelming mandate for a nuclear Brexit.
He learnt nothing with Barnier. Barnier has not yet been given his marching orders from the EU Commission for the next round of negotiations. This is just Farage playing games. Whilst Theresa May remains PM, this will almost certainly not happen as she'd be toast. How could she campaign for either side in a second referendum without appearing hypocritical?
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