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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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[*]Another Leave win would be seen as a mandate for a hard Brexit.
The Leave vote was sold as a hard Brexit but with all the fannying around it's not likely to happen. Why do you think a second referendum would make any difference and they would suddenly have the mandate to slam the door?

Your opinion is that a second referendum would also throw up a leave result, which is as good as anyone else's opinion.

There is an awful lot of buyer's remorse out there, borne out of "we didn't know XYZ would happen when we voted". I wouldn't be so bullish about a repeat leave result.

Added to this, confidence in the government is low and people aren't convinced that the current shower can pull Brexit through without leaving the UK with the worst deal in history.

The pound farts a couple of notches up against the Dollar and the tabloids go mental "SEE, EVERYONE?! BREXIT IS WORKING - The pound is absolutely SOARING. HONEST!!"

As I said earlier, though, I don't foresee a repeat referendum so I guess we'll never have to put opinions to the test, will we?
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