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Please deeply consider before you go to a Chiropractor.

The risks are far too high, even if you have some kind of benefit, which may very well not happen.

I was treated (with neck and spinal manipulations) by one and it was the worst decision ever.
I've been experiencing for months the following symtoms which deeply diminish my quality of life:

- desorientation, lack of balance, dizziness, vertigo
- fatigue and lack of strength, mainly in the legs
- sore muscles, mainly in the legs but also in the back and arms
- burning feet sensation
- continuous cracks in the upper spine and neck area, accompanied with the sensation of significant fragility
- headaches
- back and neck pain - pain areas migrate intra and during different days

It hasn't been fun at all...
I have done serious reading on publications about the result of their practices after realising these effects and I find extremely worrysome evidence on how dangerous it can actually be and the lack of evidence about their claimed benefits. Go with more conservative treatments. Please do that. It is not worth the risk.

Hope it can prevent anyone from falling on the same trap I did. PM me if you want to avoid the crook (based in Zurich), should you really want to go this path.
I would second this.

be careful if you go to an chiropractor (it is possible that some have already been mentioned on this thread). they are mainly quacks. It is better to go for natural remedies or physio

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