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Re: Broke and depressed - IV?

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... Anyone got any info on what my options are? Id really appreciate it.
It takes a lot to ask for help, so props for asking, even anonymously.

The support of those around you is unclear. I'll assume you have some support. People in your life here care about you and will be ready to help you, but they can't wave a magic wand. To make things easier for them to help you, start by telling them ways in which they can help. There's no stigma from being honest, even if it seems miserable. People are suprisingly amenable to sharing their good will: you won't appear a burden (that's pride) if they see you taking ownership of this shitty situation.

Tiny steps first: having things to look forward to doesn't have to be terrifying. When you're in a funk, the slightest thing can seem insurmountable. That includes getting up. To help you get up, have something to look forward to: joining someone to watch a game, have a coffee, offering to help a parent over lunchtime with the children.

Being active is crucial. Inertia has a momentum of it's own and is debilitating. Don't beat yourself up. This weather doesn't help!

Friends who are aware of your situation can help and it won't be with the magic wand but as stated: help them to help you. Ask to see their CV and ask them if you could use it as a template to build yours. There's no failure, no pressure; ask for help. Tindersticks to progress.

Asking for CV help will give others some way of helping you without making you feel overly obliged nor them overly stretched. Ask others what they think are your redeeming qualities: you may feel you don't have any and that's not the case. We all have something to offer and you may be surprised how highly regarded your friends hold you.

Richdog asks if you have any exercise in your life: this is really important. Your endorphins need to come from somewhere and if exercise ain't delivering, the Devil never sleeps. It's a spiral, so be a friend to yourself and make tiny milestones and be patient.

Putting on a brave face is what you do in the morning but your friends will see right through it. Don't be shy to lower the mask and communicate. There will be better times. Today is the day you worried over yesterday. Good luck and keep us informed.

Ps, stay the hell away from 9gag.
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