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Salary for health economics/market access consultant - pharmacist with a PhD

Hi all,

I have researched and done my homework but still can't find a narrow range for salaries in the career I like (health economics/market access) and corresponding to my studies.

I aim to start my career (i.e. no concrete professional experience yet) as a health economics/market access management consultant and my qualifications are: bachelor in pharmacy, master's in health economics, and a PhD to be finished soon.

Would you provide me with a narrow salary range for an entry level position in this field at a consultancy and/or a pharma company?

Please consider my background, I see some salaries starting at 6000/month but for people from far less relevant backgrounds and I think that my qualifications are the exact fit for these roles which compensates for the lack of experience and probably makes the 6000 an irrelevant number.

Any hint would help.
Thank you in advance!
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