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Re: Salary for health economics/market access consultant - pharmacist with a PhD

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I think the salaries for Market Access and Regulatory/Safety/Clinical are all roughly the same and for entry positions we pay circa 70-80k (With PhDs/Post docs etc.). Competition is pretty fierce which is great for us as we have the pick of the crop but if I can offer one word of advice, that is ditch the attitude. We've turned down people with national awards and Nature publications because we figured they would be a PITA in terms of expectations. As a recruiter I want to see motivation, enthusiasm and humility from a recent postgrad because those are qualities I can work with.

Once you're in and you've proven yourself then swagger all you want.
Thanks Castro .... almost the first useful reply in the thread
Any idea then about the salary progression?
It is not my attitude to be proud for nothing .... having national awards or Nature publications doesn't mean the person can do the market access consultancy work if these are in a very different field, yet Pharmacy and Health Economics studies mean a lot which translates to less training and faster jump into the real work!
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