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Re: Salary for health economics/market access consultant - pharmacist with a PhD

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Undervalue? No my dear. The fact is the value if something is related to the supply of it.

Prior to the economic crash there were far more opportunities for people like the OP. But since then, the job market is saturated with PhD holders. Time was, we would get maybe 40 serious applicants for a role requiring a PhD. Now, 100 is surpassed in a couple of days. Instead of competing with just 'local' job hunters, you're now competing with people across the world. Around 25% of the serious applicants are from the far east or the US. This is the new reality.

Many people who got laid off in the crisis ending up setting up consultancies, sometimes with partners who count hundreds of years of experience across them. And not for silly money either; the greater competition meant companies like mine could employ consultants for very low rates.

This isnt bullying - this is real life. If OP considers this bullying, then I'm sorry, but he is not ready for the dog-eat-dog world of consulting.
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