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Re: Looking for Architect to do Renovations

Thanks all so far for your inputs. The house isn't in Kt Zurich, but Walchwil, Kt Zug.

There are various options as you mention Phos - luckily I have a couple of good friends who are Architects and Bauleiters at medium-large sized firms. Their firms would take on the work, but they have advised me to source multiple quotes / ideas from architects. It isn't too far away from here, but despite that, I think I would prefer having someone co-ordinating the various tradesmen that wasn't me - I'll see what the budget with and without would be.

Initially, there are a couple of options with the current property - it could be torn down and rebuilt, it could be renovated and a wooden floor/(s) (someone mentinoed this earlier) added on top. I would like to source a few architects who would have a look at it, do the plans they feel are most suitable, then I would go with the one I liked.
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