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1. In case I lose my job, can I claim unemployment benefits?
Yes, if you qualify. You also should be looking for jobs right now as you suspect you might become unemployed. Failure to actively seek new employment normally incurs sanctions.

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2. There is a rule of 12 months of employment in last 24 months to possibly qualify for the benefits. How days are counted?Is it from day of registration stated in permit or from the day of actual employment as stated in the employment contract?
How much of a difference is there? Were you issued with your permit after you started the job? If you received your permit before you started your job, the reference period for the purposes of unemployment benefit only starts with your agreed start date of the job.

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3. Can I be exempted from paying health insurance during employment period?
No, but if you are paying for supplemental you can give notice to end it (according to your contract) and you can also shop around for cheaper basic coverage but, again, you would have to do it in accordance with your contract.
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