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I'm already doing this. However, based on previous experience I would need 4 to 6 months to land a job in my field (engineering).

I wonder, how long could RAV support me in a case that I lose my job and what would be the range of compensation( hopefully its close to 2000chf to cover all basic expenses)?
Depending whether you have kids, it's 70% (or 80% with kids) of your previous wage up to a cap of about CHF8500 per month. Can't remember the exact cap, it has been a while since I was unemployed.

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Here is the thing. In 2016 i was employed for 9 months, from 5 april.Therefore I have time till 5. April 2018, to acquire additional 3 months of employment, to have 12 months of employment in total. The problem is, that my last permit was issued about 2 weeks later than the actual start of employment, which means that i lose 2 weeks from my current employment - from 3 month probation period, assuming that employer wouldnt fire me earlier, i would get only 2.5 months to the record in best case. This means that I would need to get those 2 weeks somewhere till the 5. April.

Confused enough?
Then I'm pretty sure you won't qualify. If you claim now at the RAV you are three months short, if you find three month's employment then you aren't unemployed.

You can still go along to the RAV, tell them the whole story and see what they can recommend. They can give you access to their job searching and range of courses if, say, you want to up your German or get your CV up to the optimal standard, for example.
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