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Re: Non-EU contract finishing, wife is still student - unemployment benefits?

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Dear Medea,
I got very worried when you told she can not go back to student permit. However today I went to immigration office of Geneva. They told me it is possible for her to go back to student permit and I can be in family reunion with her but since we will not have any salary, we need to show a bank account (48 K for two persons for one year). I asked even two different officers and they told the same thing. To me also it is logical and fair that she should be able to continue her education.
Yes -- further evidence (if any were needed) that it's always best to ask the experts (in this case, the government officials responsible for enacting government legislation in the specific area in question) rather than a bunch of random, faceless people whom you don't know on the internet.

Anyway, I'm glad that it looks like your issue is resolved.
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