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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Big bad EU defines the standards but creating the actual laws and regulations, checks, controls and enforcement is the respective country's job.

The subsidies are the way they are because, again, the respective country (its industry) used its influence to shape them to its (its industry's) advantage.

You're barking up the wrong tree.
I beg to differ. When EU is aware of certain situations, it usually imposes some penalties or at least asks for clarifications, gives warnings, sets terms e.g. a country that subsidises a certain industry and does not align its energy prices to the EU average is forced to give up this policy, even though they might do it so with their own natural resources - which again, should be equally open to be used by all EU members. They are very quick to do that. Anyway.
They do have the necessary instruments and mechanisms to impose EU's rules. If we would take these cases to court, we would be surprised at how many - not only local, but also European regulations are not respected.
I think you conveniently choose to deny the effects of the long-established preferences within C.A.P....among others. The fact that EU's inadequacies will be discussed more and more, and some pressures will be made, shouldn't irritate anyone. Criticism is good. Criticising EU does not mean one is pro-Russia or pro-USA. It should have been done way earlier. Brexit didn't happen only because too much immigration from the poorer areas. And there will be other -exits if things stay the way they are.
Besides, I think that the quality of food obtained in such places is not even what many Europeans would like to have on their table - organic, grown with minimal impact on environment. EU should stimulate more these projects and stop subsidising the insane financial grow of dubious, Mafia run Italian plantations. It is a well known fact, still people deny it. Oh, well.

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