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This is weird but interesting. I just got the usual newsletter from the Migros Le Shop saying their new partner is Batmaid. I hadn't heard if it. It is a cleaning service run on a virtual coin/credit system. I can't see how much the real cost is though. Has anyone heard of it?
We have unfortunately experienced it at great cost and loss of time and energy.We were sent a young girl who was far from professional. They're to be avoided. Being linked to LeShop should've warned us off. The only time we ordered food from the latter we got basmati rice boxes with creatures growing in them long before any expiry date. Never seen before or since. COOP reaped the benefit our mistrust of Migros in general.

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They're doing a lot of promotion just lately. They were in Basel SBB the other eveneing giving out flyers and pan-scrubbers.

Cost seems to be 34 CHF/Hr for regular cleaning or 37 CHF for a one-off (plus provide your own cleaning material in both cases).
We had the expensive one-off service in Geneva. Never to be repeated. Unprofessional, inexperienced young woman sent who couldn't even get into the building for 10 minutes thinking the front door was locked! She obviously has no force in her hands as also displayed by the poor cleaning results.Pretended the reason was she didn't know the many everyday products we supplied. Money out the window, much wasted energy.

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There are two things about batmaid that are not obvious and you have to carefully read the terms and conditions to be aware of them.

Firstly you are the employer of the cleaner not batmaid, batmaid themselves just do all the paperwork for and pay the obligatory insurances.

Secondly batmaid do not insure the cleaners against breakages so if the cleaner breaks something it's the cleaners liability not batmaid, batmaid do not check if your cleaner has breakage insurance.
What has become obvious to us is that they do not seem to care whether their cleaners actually know how to clean properly.Ours certainly didn't. Money, time and nervous energy wasted.

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That's what they claim but that doesn't make them right. Some points say the direct opposite:
- there's no contact, let alone job contract, between the customer and the cleaner until the work actualy starts
- employee selection is done by batmaid alone, based on criteria and by personnel determined by batmaid alone
- the custumer has no say at all on the pay
- the order to clean x hours on one given day looks to me like an Auftrag in the sense of the Obligationenrecht
- the customer has no say on who provides UVG insurance

This may well end like Uber where the authorities say Uber is the employer but Uber disputes it.
Another thing about Batmaid is that they sent us a young woman with no great cleaning experience. Poor results. Complete waste.

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