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Re: Honey Import VAT

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Which part of "by default" do you not understand?
What part of it is not forbidden but regulated do you not understand?

This is regulation:

Animals and goods containing materials of animal origin may only be imported from third countries if those countries, regions and establishments have been licensed for the import of the goods and animals in question. Furthermore, in the case of foods containing ingredients of animal origin, the country must also operate an EU-recognised residue monitoring plan. Depending on the type of shipment, further aspects may also have to be taken into consideration in addition to veterinary health and species protection provisions, e.g. customs and agricultural aspects.
And do you really want a whole discussion about this? You said it was forbidden, turns out that you did not mean to say it was forbidden, but that you ment that it was forbidden if you do not comply with the rules. (Making it regulated...)

EDIT: People who remove their postings within minutes.......
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