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Re: Brexit (and other UK stuff) information roadshow in Swizterland

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Seems rather arrogant.

I would have thought that the people who actually live and work in the UK would be, at least, equally impacted by Brexit.
You just don't get the idea of a democracy, do you? newtoswitz's opinion and vote is just as valid as anyone living in the UK. You have no idea whether the Brits living here have interests back in the UK which will be directly or indirectly (positively or negatively) affected by Brexit.

For UK citizens, if the worst came to the worst, it would mean a major upheaval - loss of job, home and the country in which your kids were born because you'd be forced to leave Switzerland. Personally, and as abjectly incompetent as I find the government / Brexit negotiators, I don't think this will happen but it is still a remote possibility on the table so, yes, is potentially a worse outcome than for most UK people living and working in the UK.

It's very telling that you find someone's right to an equal vote and to have an opinion "arrogant" if it differs from yours.
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