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Re: Considering to leave Switzerland

First, to answer your question: You could consider Netherlands. I've looked at most Western European tax systems and came to the conclusion that Switzerland and Netherlands have the most advantageous. There's some 30% ruling, I forgot how it works, but it's something along the lines of "If you reach 70K EUR salary, you pay a lot less tax %".
Switzerland has a lot lower % salary tax, around 30% if you count health insurance premium as part of it and can get lower with C permit and your salary can go a lot higher, hence why I chose Switzerland, among other things

I don't know what to say about your social problem. What you described does sound depressing. I've heard that Swiss are a bit more conservative, not so welcoming to foreigners. However I haven't experienced anything like that. My workplace is 20% Swiss, 80% foreigners and I'm getting along really well with both groups*, better than I expected actually.

* By groups, I don't actually mean cliques, everyone's cool with everyone here.

Not sure what to say, try actively making friends with 1-2 people at work, hang out with them, get in their social circle?
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