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Re: Is S. Africa planning to follow Zimbabwe and destroy its economy?

Personally, I would tend to agree with LuganoPirate. Being South African myself, and also a property owner, am I a little nervous due to this? Of course, I wouldn't be human if I weren't. But am I worried, no, not really.

CR is a highly intelligent and strategically minded business man. He is worth closer to USD 500m, and add this to his wife's wealth of in excess of USD 1bn, means he has a lot of skin in the game. His wealth is divided up amongst a multitude of businesses in SA, and her wealth is from Mining. All of these require a functioning economy. Something like this would undermind that completely.

Land redistribution does need to occur. But it needs to be done correctly. Appropriation without compensation is not correct. But like others have said, we have no idea what the end result or model will look like. The review will happen until the end of August which includes a vigourous consultation period, which I would assume will lead to a significantly more palatable model than what the EFF is thinking of.

Fact is, the ANC's support has wained. This is likely a way of trying to garner back some votes for next years election. Personally though, I think it's a gamble, as the voters who this appeals to would have likely voted ANC or EFF anyway, so the chances that some voters get alienated by this policy could be quite high, particularly those in the medium income bracket who may have just bought property... This law if implemented in its extreme would affect all, as Malema was talking about 100 year leases, which would mean all property becomes fully state owned.

As I said, let's wait and see, but I don't think the extreme version which many are worried about will even remotely materialise.

CR's maneuvers up to now, indicate a very calculated and strategic thought process. I do not believe his strategy is to become another Zimbabwe. There are quite a few fundamental differences between the 2 countries, not least of which being that we are now in a completely different age compared to the days when Zimbabwe started to collapse.

Maybe I am biased due to being South African and owning property, but I would like to hope that this is the start of something good as opposed to the demise of a truly beautiful, multi-cultural and awe inspiring country that is South Africa.
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