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Re: Quality Bike hire in Zurich

I could be able to rent high quality bikes in Zürich

I have a 50cm Trek 5200 and a 58cm Madone 5.5 with full triple Ultegra that I would be selling. Great for a couple for example ( man and woman bike )

I guess the best moment to sell them would be at the beginning of next year's season and not now that we are past the middle of the summer.

So if somebody is looking to rent a high quality road bike I could provide that service.

If someone would want to buy them also I am open for offers.

I am still not sure about the price but the security conditions are clear.

I do have an accident insurance that covers my bikes in case of something happens, only excluding the cases where the bike is used for racing or competition. I have to make sure if this covers also riders others than me.

In any case :

1. You should have a liability insurance ( Civil Responsability ) and sign me a document assuming responsability for all damages that could happen to the bike during the hire period.

2. If you don't have the RC because you are visiting, I could rent it to you if you make a warranty deposit that would be refunded when you return the bike in good condition.

Remember those are Carbon Fiber bikes and bikes I don't ride. I know they are accident free so I can guarantee that.

But, if you crash with the bike and you hid that fact to me to save yourself problems, you could be putting into risk the next rider that could rent the bikes or the probable next owner. It is much better to declare it and let the insurance take care of the problem.

This is still on the "thinking to" phase, I guess it is better to put them for rent and then service some people, specially the EFers, than just to be on my cellar waiting to be sold.

If you have advice to give me about this ( even if you want to convince me not to do it ). Please send me a PM or post here your thoughts.
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