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Re: Brexit (and other UK stuff) information roadshow in Swizterland

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To provide well paying jobs for all the ambassadors and their staff.
They could have paid me to deliver this roadshow. I'd have done it for a quarter of the price:

"Well, no, we have no idea what's going to happen. Yeah, well, I can't imagine you'll all be deported en masse - this is Switzerland, not Uganda. Lots of non-EU people have C-permits, sure. Yeah, there might be a few less B-permits going for fresh-off-the-boaters, but that's more jobs for the lads with C-permits, right? No, I have no idea what's going to happen with your very complicated transnational business which - oooh, is that a tray of ferrero roches I see? You can email any further questions to my boss in Whitehall. She'll be delighted to ignore mfff mffff mfff has anyone mff mffff mfff got a napkin mff mfff nom nom nom..."
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