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Re: Is it worth it to buy a house in Switzerland?

The woman who we bought our house from (4 years ago for 420K with no ajoining neighbours in Kanton Aargau) bought her house for less than 50K about 25 years before.
Maybe long term you can make some money - for retirement or your kids.
Perhaps you can pay some money each month into a balancing account which would pay off the mortgage when you sell the home -difference between rent and mortgage say.

But for me, the flexibility, no neigbours and no landlord outweighs all the other issues. As long as you have the right insurances and do not go over the top on making the place look like a museum, i think you will end up winning (lifewise)

My mum and dad have spent 30 years improving slowly their home - now it just about perfect. In my view it is better to save your money up for home improvements rather than mortgage up to the maximum. Most other people seem to disagree with me here. On my side, it just feels nice to have some collateral.
There are plenty of cheap detached places still available for less than 500K - if you are not so fussy where you live
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