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You're talking about swica FAVOURITE TELMED.

I wonder, if this model allows you to visit a specialist without consulting a GP first? Such important info should be hidden in small print, but so far I haven't found any.

It only says "free choice of doctors" for favourite telmed, however it doesn't say whether under term "doctor" it's meant a specialist or a GP.
Any doctor, specialist included. I continue to see my oncologist in Bern without referral from my GP, and I made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon in Winterthur last year. He did my knee replacement four weeks ago.

As far as SWICA is concerned, as long as i inform them of the appointment, they are fine. However some physicians require referral from another physician independent of insurance.

Also, if you have an issue requiring repeated appointments, SWICA (and other insurers with telmed models) may open a “window” for that issue so that during the year, all appointments for the same issue at the same facility are permitted. So everything involving my left knee at kantonal Spital Winterthur is allowed in 2018. It’s easy enough to call, however.
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