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I didn't notice anyone mentioning a key aspect in the question - if you are arriving new to Switzerland, it is probably the best option to take the insurer of your husband's company, especially if you consider complementary insurance.

Most of the insurers will request you to fill in a medical questionnaire and based on it, they will exclude from complementary coverage your current issues / potential issues or even they will simply refuse you a complementary insurance which is quite useful (dental is the most important in my opinion). There is high probability that your husband's company I assume quite big multinational) has a special contract with SWICA according to which any new hire from abroad gets a full coverage without exceptions for him(her)self and his/her family.

I suggest you check this aspect before taking any decision.

Btw. I am with SWICA for 2 years and never had special issues. I am rather satisfied. My company had contracts with CSS and Groupe Mutuel before and both were top as well. I believe that you get also a slightly different service level if you are under a company contract and you have a dedicated/separated Customer Service team.
Thatís assuming itís your husband with the big company job, and the company is contracted to offer complimentary plans. Neither is always the case.

My husband works for one of the kantonal universities, so no company contract.
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