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Saving and Investing in Switzerland

I am looking for some advice on what I appreciate can be a broad, and at the same time specific topic.

I am from the UK and am used to saving products available there, e.g. ISAs, internet saver accounts etc. Whilst I appreciate the overall saving rates for most products is at an all-time low, I am wondering what Switzerland has to offer for saving/investing.

I have maxed out my 3rd Pillar allocation and my bank gives a pitiful 0.45% on my "savings" account so I am now wondering what the suitable places to save/invest my other money are.

I have tentatively looked into the wealth management products offered by banks like UBS that obviously come with fees, but I wonder if anyone has any practical information on other suitable investing/saving options offered here. Without disclosing the specifics, the amount of money I have to invest/save is enough to qualify for retail banks (ubs etc) wealth management minimums but not enough for the exclusive private banks (e.g. vontobel etc)

Any tips/thoughts appreciated!
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