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Re: Salt Fiber Box

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For anyone interested, they were fairly quick setting it up for me. The box came in a few days, the network connection a few days later. The UI on the box is very limited in what it can do (no bridging that I found so far) and incoming port forwarding also does not appear to work (I believe Carrier Grade NAT is involved). It will give you an external IP address in the detail section, but that is not an IP you can connect to from outside. No IPv6 either. It does have dynamic DNS support, but that is a tad pointless when incoming connections don't work.
Thanks for update!!

Setting it into bridge mode would be a bit useless in terms that this would likely mean you have to do NATing on some other hardware and routers available today with Hardware nating can reach max 1gbps anyway.

It's really interesting whether there is a public IP on the box... if you can see it's public IP on the box and it's matching something from then most likely there is a public IP assigned to it... Otherwise it's a bit crap on that level... however offer is still very very good especially given that 99% of users don't even know what public IP is

btw. did you try to ping customer service with question about port forwarding etc?
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