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Re: Visit to the UK with Swiss permit B

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Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I live in Zurich, but now I have booked a appointment in Geneva for this service. Do you think arriving 30min before the appointment is sufficient? My intended train will arrive 45min before the appointment to the Geneva train station and I see the way to the application centre is about 5min by foot.

I will post my experience to this forum, to return the help I get from here. Thanks a lot!

I waited in the office around 1 hour. Because there was only one guy working on friday. I do not know whether it is always like that or not. He was handling filing. And there was another man who took fingerprints and your photo. My process took only 5-10 mins. So if you go earlier there, it could be good. First you have to give your first page of the application form to information and you will pay what you need to pay. They will ask how you will get your visa. If you say, they should send by post, you need to pay 30 euro like I did. Otherwise, you should go to get your visa. In your case, you will neeed to return your passport for visa because you will take it back with you. When they decide to give you a visa you need to send your passport to them. I dont know how this works. Maybe you should go personally or by post. You should take 2 copies of each original documents. Bring also your oroginal documents. If something missing, you can copy there. I think a page was 0.5 frank.

After information, a staff will say to you, go to the next room and you will go and sit there. On the screen you will see your name then u can go the staff who does the filing things. After he checked your documents, he will give you back all. Because they scan all documents send them electronically so I got my all files back. After that, you will see your name on another screen, and then you go a room to take a photo and fingerprints. Before the process, he will say, say your name-surname and birthday by looking the camera on top-edge.

I went there by car so I dont know how far it is from the station. Its a big building, click here to see on map
u see, maxim's (not the white door, there is a passageway on the right side of the white door) .. you should enter this place, tlscontact writing next to the entrance door, its difficult to see. After you entered and walked a bit, there is an elevator on the right side. so you can use also stairs.

I think, your time schedule is fine.

Note: they do not accept post finance or another local bank card. you have to have cash ( I know u can pay with euro but not sure for swiss frank) or credit card. Bring with u also some coins for photocopy if u need or u can also use your credit card for photocopy.
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