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Their earth shattering TV offer. ( German Channels ). 70 Channels! And the half of them are not even HD! And you dont need 10Gbps to watch TV.

Supposed to be 250 included German sender. Where????
Do your research next time: It shows very clearly on their site:

Speed ​​is overrated.
No it is not, tell this to countries or regions where a normal speed cannot be achieved. There is a point above which faster speeds make no difference anymore, this point is not at 1gb/ps.

There is 1GB max of most router switch.
They give you a new one which is capable of much higher speeds.

But there are also the network cards of Engeräte usually "only" 1GB support.
Get rid of your ancient machine.

There are the (mechanical) hard disks that can not write so fast.
As said before, get rid of your ancient equipment and step in the modern world, and stop nagging about things on which you lack knowledge and clearly are either trolling or just want to nag. Me and my wife have normal new laptops that are very easily capable of speeds far above 1gb/ps, My SSD writes above 3gb/ps and my wife has two of those in hers.

And as said before this higher maximum speed is much much cheaper than the slower connection as advertised by the competition, but hey if speed is overrated, just pay double for only a tenth of the speed if that makes you happy.
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