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Kindergarten teacher does not take nut allergy serious

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping of getting some advice here. My daughter has a severe nut allergy which, until she went to Kindergarten, we could manage quite well. I have always brought a nut-safe alternative to Spielgruppe and they have given me a list with birthday's on it, so I knew well in advance when to bake. My daughter was also fine with how it went and did not take food from others as it could have nuts in it and after her anaphylactic shock when she was 2, she got really suspicious of food from others.

Now she is in Kindergarten and seems to have let go of everything written above. We have tried to explain the teacher how severe her nut allergy is, explained the epi pen, antihistamines etc. but the teacher seems really dismissive of it all. In our recent conversation she said yes yes, I know how it works, it's like clicking a ballpoint ... Well no, dear woman! On top of this she said 'well it's not like it's a life threatening allergy is it' Again wrong.. Now after about 5 conversations she still has no clue about the severity of it all and how to work the pen in case something goes wrong. When there is a birthday, she asks the parents if there are any nuts in the cake and if they say no, she is allowing my daughter to have cake. I have tried to explain to my daughter that even though you don't see the nuts, that doesn't mean there are no nuts in the cake (ground almonds or hazelnuts in chocolates etc) but she says, well Frau ... says its ok, so I can then also have cake - which is a normal reaction from a 5 year old and of course she cannot see the consequences yet. So we have tried to take it up with the head of school to ensure teachers get a proper training in allergies and how to handle when she gets an anaphylactic shock but he also seems to think this is not necessary. He is also retiring after this school year, so he basically does not care..

It feels like I am just fighting agains a wall here, I don't feel taken serious and I am getting nowhere. To be honest I am also getting a bit fed up with requesting another talk with regards to my daughters allergy.. Until now everything went well for her and she did not suffer a reaction but people will forget and if you are not dealing with allergies, you are not focussed on the ingredients of food.

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this as I am getting at my wits end here.
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