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Re: Kindergarten teacher does not take nut allergy serious

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Are the Swiss genes such that they don't have life threatening allergies, at all?

Thinking shellfish and (pea)nut type ones, not complete bollocks ones like gluten.
Well that is an interesting question indeed. We went to a Lecture on child allergies some time ago- by one of the top Swiss Professors on allergies.
He said the huge majority of his patients are Anglo-Saxon in origin- come from middle class families with VERY careful hygiene (often obsessive) from the start, and mostly with parents who have high educational background. He illustrated the last transparency with a drawing- and there he was, our grandson lookalike and background. Large proportion ceasarian born too.

The Swiss, especially in rural areas, are very relaxed about baby hygiene- have dogs, cats, and if the bread falls on the floor, or the dummy, you blow on it- and give it back to the child. No constant use of anitseptic wipes, antiseptic spray, etc, etc.

When I was at school in the 50s and 60s- I can't remember any child who had an allergy or intolerance- and we had one friend who was asthmatic (in those days a little rubber pump with a glass tube).
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