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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Strangely Spain, also members of the EU, seem to be perfectly able to accept immigration from its former colonies.

Plus if you bother to look at Martin's earlier graph it is very clear that the UK accepts many more non -EU immigrants than EU over the years.

And as for the EU being partially responsible for Windrush, an event with its roots in the 50s....sorry but that is truly laughable.
It's right and proper that the UK accepts more non-EU immigrants than EU. I'm not disputing that. The fact remains, however, that there is a deliberately instituted policy of a "hostile environment" which is partly a consequence of being locked into this idiotic "free movement of people" principle in the EU. The fact that it is easier for any random German or Italian or Greek to move to the United Kingdom than people from Jamaica or Pakistan or Australia is patently absurd, even if there are more of the latter in terms of sheer numbers.

And what have the 1950s got to do with anything? The Windrush scandal is a recent event - beginning with the "hostile environment" policy mentioned above. The poor buggers who are being shafted by the Home Office at the moment were left pretty much unmolested until the Free Movement of People business kicked in.

Sure, the Tories have buggered this up big time (what a surprise!), but to pretend that non-EU residents in the United Kingdom are not having a hard time partly as a consequence of uncontrolled immigration from the EU is, as you say, laughable.
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