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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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No it absolutely is not. It is exactly the consequences of a single market - the very definition involves the free movement of all elements of production and that includes labour. There is no difference between the EU single market and that operate in the UK itself or any other member state. I can't see why people in the UK should think that the EU single market must operate under a different set of rules to the UK market or the market in any other member state for that matter.

If we were to apply your logic to the UK market then there is no reason why labour from say Scotland should be able to move freely to Northern Ireland, or from Wales to England and so on in preference to labour from say Jamaica, Pakistan or where ever. And yet people seem to thing that is fine, but when they come to the EU single market it is not. That is the absurd part - expecting two single markets to operate under different rules.

The bottom line is that you are either in a single market with all that requires or you are not. You cannot be in a single market and then exclude one of the elements of production, that is not how it works. And none of the other players are going to agree to let you do so.
How very Tory. No wonder the buggers were always so pro-EU. Bollocks to sovereignty and culture. People are just "labour" to be moved around like cattle or bars of soap or cabbages.

Lovely. I really do hope Brexit goes through. It won't, of course. But we can hope.
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