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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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"The Windrush scandal is a recent event" The Windrush generation came to the UK after World War II and under the 1948 Nationality Act were automatically entitled to UK citizenship. The scandal is and was that the UK Govt. failed to ensure on their arrival that these people were given the correct documents to prove their entitlement.

The Free Movement of People (FMOP) business kicked in due to the Treaty of Maastricht in 1992 so it is too much of a stretch to try to link it to the current scandal.

As you say many more people immigrate to the UK from non EU countries so claiming they have a problem due to FMOP is flying in the face of facts. In fact there was a big increase in non-EU immigrants during the twenty years following Maastricht, currently the number of non-EU immigrants per year is more than double the 1992 level.
Here is another graph

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Your graph pretty much shows in a nutshell the problem with immigration. If the EU had stayed the Gentleman's Club it was pre-expansion in 2004 then I'm pretty certain that Brexit wouldn't have happened.
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