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Re: Syria - It ain't over till it's over

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There aren't any credible forces that are "democratic" there. Kurds were purging (re)conquered territories, and even Iraqi "democratic" gov't is disposing of its enemies without much ado neither there nor in the West.
US and their allies were giving arms to the same type people as the Assad regime, more-or-less.. That's why weapons supplied by them ended up in IS hands so quickly.
Everybody knows it is a proxy war, turning it upside down, democratic, whatever doesn't change anything in the bare truth that a proxy war can go on much, much longer than a regular one because of unlimited supplies from outside and because the incentives are then to inflict the biggest human cost possible on the other side while in typical civil war the incentives to do it are not there (because of the need to settle eventually). This dynamics of a proxy war and huge human cost of it a proven thing. It is pure cynicism to evoke any "democratic" or "humanitarian" motives.

P.S. Regarding the amount of US arms, first they were sending then in a concealed way, and later openly. Some analysts say that the effectiveness of the antitank RPGs was so good that it made Iran to intervene.
Democratic forces - there are some democratic forces in Arab countries. They are small, weak and don't enjoy the support of most Arabs. Politics is still tribal.

Iran & Russia intervend becasue Assad's forces were collapsing. Will Syria turn into their Afghanistan/Vietnam ? it's possible. Assad maybe seen as the lesser evil, but this could change.
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