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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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It doesn't matter why, how, what for etc. etc. people voted for Brexit. I guess each had their own motives. But this is how democracy functions and it's annoying to see that quite a while after the vote there are still voices who oppose the normal course of action following it. Shouldn't we all have the grace or elegance to accept it and move on?
Well there are a couple of things to consider here, first of all what is the normal course of action as you call it? The UK has a sovereign parliament and so the referendum was and can only ever be advisory. The people voted in favour of BREXIT that is true. But they were also asked to give the government the necessary majority to carryout BREXIT at a General Election and the failed to do so. They also failed to give the Labour versions of BREXIT a mandate either. So while we can conclude that the majority are or were in favour of BREXIT it is till unclear as to exactly what the voters want.

As for how democracy functions, it functions according to the laws agreed in that country, not the rules we would like it to have. In the UK that means that the final decision should rest with the parliament elected by the people not the outcome of a referendum. No matter how annoying you may find that. And of course voters are fully entitled to make representations to the members of parliament as often as they which in the hope of persuading the MPs to vote in a certain way. That is how their democracy works.

As for your idea that people cannot campaign for change just because the vote went against them, is in itself undemocratic. The electorate is entitled to reconsider it's decisions and change it's mind as often as it likes. You cannot place a limitation on the process.
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