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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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ah yes, so cute.

not to admit an "error", to confess one and ask for your almighty forgiveness for not sharing your opinion? On which planet to do think we are living?

So in your view I have the choice between

1) admitting i am wrong, in which case you will take me seriously (as if)
2) defending what I said previosuly, in which case I am going on a tangent.

In other words, you are saying you only take people seriously who agree with you?

What then is the point of debating?

In contrast to you, I am magnanimously prepared to take you seriously even if you don't confess to all the times you disagreed with me.

Ironic, innit?
It is a shame when people put ego above fact, but not hugely surprising.

If you could tell me where you have defended your point, I would be delighted to listen, but again, you have written nothing but a large email of deflecting and projecting but with little to no correcting.

So once more, my point for you to refute: The EU does not stop any country from voting (as often as they want) on membership. Please provide evidence to the contrary.

P.S. Thanks for not groaning last time, a refreshing change. Perhaps there is yet hope for a civil debate.
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