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Re: Bye bye Billag [Welcome our new overlord Serafe]

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Hello again, friends. An invitation from Billag to register online brought me back here.

Based on some reading, the advice appears on balance to discourage this compliance, at least if you're not listening to the radio nor watching television.

I don't know how they "pre-registered" me, but there's already a customer number associated with my name and address. Been at same address for about 3 years, and it's the first notice I've received.

I also didn't know they were private actors and that they were being replaced. Presumably they've become more energetic about tracking people down, but is this any cause for concern? If it was my mobile carrier who provided them with my info, then there's "proof" of radio liability (technically or theoretically) for as long as I've been here. Advice? Affirmations?

Thanks gais.
Billag's strategy in signing up new customers involves a lot of bluff.

There is no legal necessity to reply to their letter, even if the wording implies otherwise. There is an article buried deep somewhee on the web, I think from Beobachter or somebody lilke that, that confirms this.

In fact on the contrary, a lawyer friend of mine says that by replying, even in the negative, you are entering into some sort of agreement with them. The safest thing you can do is to ignore them totally.

You "customer number" is equally just that. Billag probably does not have a file on you, or if they do there's probably not very much in it. But just they just assign random numbers to create the impression that they're on your heels and have a case against you. It's all part of the fear and scare tactic. They have at least four different numbers on me, one of them even with my name mis-spelled, one with the name of my cat (I regularly use her name when entering prize draws and things, and I even have a foreign credit card in her name). Just shows how good they are (not) at consolidating and processing information.

Just ignore the letter. You'll be OK.

As discussed earlier, it seems they can make monetize their subscriber list, which is why they're throwing all they can at it before they shut down.
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