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Re: Bye bye Billag [Welcome our new overlord Serafe]

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Thanks for the response. I found something like what you were referring to here:

As I understand things now, there's no obligation to reply to the letter, but there always was an obligation to pay these taxes, at least for radio, as any smartphone seems to count as one. Always had this Meldepflicht.

So the chf 5000 fine threat pertains to the original obligation. One wouldn't ordinarily assume that one needs a radio license to own a mobile phone, but now that I do know, I seem clearly obligated to register and pay, and not doing so can technically result in this 5000 chf fine. By responding now I'm acknowledging this, though probably feigned ignorance of this obligation wouldn't be helpful anyway.

I guess what I would like to do is start paying for the ridiculous radio license without subjecting myself to having to pay for the last 7 years, and also not exposing myself to possibly paying the TV license fee. I've never owned a TV here and don't use Zattoo or whatever other services would count, but they could still hassle me about it, like that woman in the beobachter article.

I also don't want to fill out any forms dishonestly. If phones are radios then how do i claim I only just got one?
They will hassle you, no matter what, unless you sign up for their full package. But there are ways of dealing with the hassling. I for one, don't believe in paying people just to not be hassled.

Billag is on death's door. Come end of this year and they will be no more. A new organisation, Serafe, will take over. We don't yet know what their strategy will be and how they will go about convincing people to sign up. But let's hope for the best and hope they will have a more positive approach than Billag's present cold-war era scare and fear tactic.

As for the fine and the legal obligation, the wording of the law is in my understanding rather convoluted and open to interpretation. Billag has chosen an interpretation that is in their favour and are pretending their interpretation is final and get evasive and shifty when you try and discuss this with them.

Whether you want to give in to the bullying and bluffing is your decison at the end of the day.
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