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Re: UK qualified doctor working in switzerland

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Hi there.

Are you still looking for answers regarding this?

I was in a similarish situation 7 years ago. Swiss citizen that was a South African qualified doctor.

The long and short of it - and there is a really long of it! - you can work in Switzerland as an Assistenzarzt (equal to medical officer/registrar, despite the stupid title) as long as you find a job - usually quite easy if you speak the local language and have swiss citizenship. Apply directly at the hospital. You don't need registration until you want to work independently -ie. as a specialist. I managed to get my degree 'recognised' after 3 years of working in Switzerland after I managed to get it 'recognised' in the UK due to Commonwealth/EU/EFTA agreements. Brexit might not make this easier. Foundation year makes no difference either way. The FMH and Mebeko websites are the ones to look at. If you are serious about it and have more questions, feel free to ask me. It's a complicated, pricey and time consuming procedure but in the end there were no nasty surprises and it worked with no extra examinations needed. I sympathise with you wanting to escape the NHS, what they have been doing to you guys is simply unacceptable.
Thank you so so much for this information!! The NHS have decided that I am going to have to work in a hospital 4 hours away for the next two years, and if I donít accept it, I just wonít have a job. I donít know how they think I can possibly afford the moving costs, rent etc before Iíve even started working (for what is a terrible salary that doesnít take into account your university loan repayment etc). Not to mention the fact Iím expected to leave my family and general life behind!

I think I should take B2 Italian first - I think it will help my job prospects if I can prove a level of language capability?? Iím hoping to take it at the next sitting in December. Then I may well come back with some further questions when I start job hunting... thank you SO much again for your very positive response!!
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