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Re: ****The Photography Discussion Thread****

Tested out the A7iii today, very nice. Asked the guy at the store how it is against the R variant and almost quote... "If you wanna print photos one metre by two take the R otherwise take the iii and two or three good lenses". So now I need to lose the A77ii, maybe the P900, definitely the GoPro, Sony Actioncam... the typ 109 is a total keeper.. The Ixus will appear here soon for free.
Tha is just a standard and lazy reply from someone who doesn't really know the actual advantages that higher megapixels bring, and you may be surprised to know it is very little to do with printing large photos.

What more megapixels allow you to do is crop a photo to frame it how you like, all without losing a significant amount of resolution. Not only that, but it can turn a 55mm prime lens into a 75-100mm prime lens simply because by cropping you extend the effective zoom range. Not only that, but when using the camera in APS-C mode (can be very useful for wildlife etc) it still gives you around 18MP. So when people say "it's all about printing" they are wrong, and I don't think I coud go back to a lower MP camera after having the benefits of 42MP.

However, if you don't need the above then the A7III is an amazing camera and it will do an amazing job. In fact I would say it is the best all-round full-frame camera to be released in many years, possibly even ever. The photos I take with my Sony are to my eye noticeably better than with my Nikon D750 or Fuji X-T2 in look, feel and rendition. The studio shoots I have done have looked amazing and the lenses I have are crazy sharp. I have:
  • Sony 28mm f2 (a modestly sharp lens that is great for street photography and travel)
  • Zeiss 55mm f1.8 (a sharp lens with a very good reputation)
  • Sony 85mm f1.8 (the sharpest lens I have ever used, it stuns me every time I use it)

I will probably also pick up the Tamron 28-75mm soon for hiking.