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So I am wondering - how does this perception that insurance and higher prices might correlate square with your experiences as a UK pet owner?
Very much. The vets clearly wanted to be able to use all the latest kit, test for everything under the sun, vaccinate against everything whether at risk or not, and it seemed like the increase in rates of insurance really helped top drive this. There would be flyers for insurance in waiting rooms too, which seemed to cynical old me like an obvious attempt to help fuel the trend.

This was back in the 1990s, around the Milton Keynes area, FWIW.

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Wouldn't surprise me, but then if you look at this:

"Despite the high costs of treatment, the ABI said an estimated 67% of dogs and 84% of cats were still uninsured."

I wouldn't say that pet insurance is the norm.
Good. I hope, then, that vets are no longer trying to push the unnecessary, expensive tests and treatments that they seemed to be don't back then.

Hah! Fat chance of that.
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