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Re: Swiss voters have overwhelmingly backed a new gambling law....

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Really? I find it the most Swiss thing to do.

The Swiss had a general ban on gambling since forever. That was a time before the internet, so to gamble one had to visit a real life casino. The ones just across the border from Konstanz to Bregenz made many millions on Swiss customers a year. So much so that at some point the cantons decided theyd rather keep the money in the country... and therefore allow gambling while still believing its a bad thing.

Then we had a decade or so of public disputes about poker tournaments. The government cracked down on any sort of fun tournament they could find. There were literally raids by SWAT teams on some village club houses... so a lot of people apparently decided to rather play poker online.

And the Swiss are once again sure that only Swiss casinos can be good casinos... and its all for the protection of the people and in no way to keep the money in the country.
I meant it was "un-Swiss" in that Switzerland has a very relaxed view when it comes to other vices (smoking, drinking, prostitution, illegal downloading etc.). Seems an odd thing to focus on gambling addiction when illnesses from smoking and drinking are likely just as prevalent. I always viewed Switzerland as very libertarian when it comes down to such matters which is why I'm surprised that this vote gained so much support.
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