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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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I think it's the "F*** Christians and their backward religion" and "Islam? Well, all religions are equally bad" tripe.
Well, if you had read my post correctly I was lumping all religions together as equally bad if they are hawking it onto people who don't want it. Most of the main religions are equally guilty over history of violently thrusting it on others.

I take it you are religious to some degree or other, right? Obviously your "team" is the right one, right?

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Fundamentally, I agree with you. But then what about people wearing religious paraphernalia in public, like hijabs, yamakas, crosses, etc.? How about the churchbells that ring round-the-clock in Switzerland? And is Islam just a religion, or is it also a political structure? (See Islamic State, Sharia Law, Islamic Republic of Iran, etc.) Or a legal structure, the UK has 85 Shariah Courts according to Wikipedia. And what about traditions that have foundings in religion, like eg. Christmas?

In principal, I'm with you, do what you want and keep it to yourself, however, I'm afraid it's not quite as simple as that.
All the bullshit baggage you mentioned above is fine so long as you don't have to subscribe to it under duress.

I don't even notice people wearing crucifixes or hijabs or whatever accoutrement makes them feel good about themselves. I don't live near a loud church (or maybe I'm deaf )

I celebrate Christmas but not from a religious perspective. If I could take Hannuker, Eid, [insert whatever religious festival] off work as a public holiday in the same way, I would. Not because I'm religious but I just appreciate the time off. Shamelessly cherry-picking the bits that suit me with no religious obligation - highly recommend it!

It all boils down to the person, too. I've had a lifelong friend who is a devout Catholic who doesn't give a toss that I'm atheist and yet the mother of another friend who is also Catholic doesn't speak to me and repeatedly tells her daughter to drop me from her social circle because "I have no moral compass". If only she knew - bahahaha!

The muslim, jewish, etc., friends also don't care what my own beliefs are(n't).

I have a feeling some people would be a colossal berk regardless of whether they are religious or not. They are probably the same about everything; religion is just an excuse.

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